The law offices of Henning Haarhaus :

The law offices of Henning Haarhaus are located in Berlin and represents clients all over the Federal Republic. My staff and me are happy to represent your interests with much care and dedication in legal and tax matters. I shall provide you with comprehensive advice, quality work, continuous supervision and extensive services – even after your project has been implemented successfully. I am present to assist you when needed even outside our usual business hours.

We take the trust put into us by our clients not only as an appreciation of our work but also as an incentive to put even more effort in the optimisation of our services.

By means of continuous training and constant commitment we shall help and represent you in any question and situation.

Experience our services first hand and get in touch with us directly. I look forward to you.
As diverse as your business life is also the design of its regulatory environment. The field of business law is characterized by a number of special types of contracts which may include turnover rent and other forms of real estate leases …


The choice for a specific legal organisation of a business should not solely depend on tax motivations. On the complex decision path one might also consider the kind of business and its exposure to liability …


As a bar certified tax specialist lawyer Henning Haarhaus can assist you in the draft of tax returns, especially in regard to income from rent and leasen or inheritance and gift taxes. We assume your representation in objection proceedings at the fiscal office …


Our practice comprises the legal representation in inheritance estate planning matters of all kind in the national and international context, such as the enforcement of or the defense against claims arising of an inheritance …


Contractual negotiations of leasing and tenancy agreements, claims on the grounds of a use contrary to the contract, modernisation, removal of fixtures, deposits, utilities statements, decorative repair clauses, contractual defects of form …


In addition to a claim under private law raised against a neighbour, I also take legal action on the grounds of public regulations against illegal building and operation permits or illegally constructed adjacent buildings …


As a trained banker and author of a book on investments abroad I am familiar with the banking business in Germany and abroad as well as with the respective terminology. Feel free to contact me if for instance you wish to cancel a long-term loan agreements


  • Award of the title “Specialist Tax Lawyer” in 2007 on the grounds of proven expert knowledge and practical experience

  • Practice since 2004 in his own law office in Berlin – Steglitz

  • Admission to the Bar in 1999

  • First Law Exam (JD) in 1994

  • Graduated as Certified Banker at Deutsche Bank in 1989

  • Extensive technical publications in German and English on the subject of estate planning and estate planning in legal and tax matters



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